Thanksgiving, Techweek, Late Post

First off thank you to all of those who came out to see us at Techweek in Dallas, We couldn't have done it without all of your support (yes, I know this is a bit late). If you missed it here is a great recap done by Dallas Innovates powered by D Magazine.

So what is next? That is a question I often ask, only because we cannot stay still and must no matter what continue to move forward. After the panel discussion, we each realized as we moved forward that we should be creating more content. That especially is true for us here at Freelance Jax.

We have been working hard on so many of your projects we're now ramping down on external to start working on what the next big thing is. We here at Freelance Jax thrive on where we can take everyone to and be ahead of the curve. So for that reason where are we taking everyone next as this year closes out and next year starts? Live Streaming.

Now as it stands today, live streaming is nothing new, there are more people going live and more people utilizing what they have in their pockets. Realistically, now hardware is coming out like the Mevo, and Teradek's devices. We are aiming to change all of that and start working for you and ourselves creating more content that genuinely takes the best of both worlds and making content live and available afterward without the complication of DVRs and remembering to schedule. The other key is to start taking interactivity where it's functional. Right now reading comments is a bit of an orchestra with live streaming. If done correctly your audience can truly interact with you in new ways and have an immersive experience.

Look for some projects coming in 2018 where we will start live streaming with interactive elements. We are still experimenting with some things we'd love to have you be a part of it and would like to have you be a part of it.